The Emotional Relationship With Your Clothes

What is normal? And you would know if your clothes were affecting you, right? Not exactly.

Let’s say that a store has just released an entirely new collection of clothes for the season. You’re excited to shop because you want to add some new looks into your wardrobe. But then slowly the store begins to turn each new seasonal release into a new monthly release. Each month turns into a weekly release. Before you know it, the same store you once shopped at on occasion, continues to release an entirely new collection of clothes week by week. 

Now, let’s say you decide to shop at a local boutique. The first time you go in everything looks fresh, brand new. But then when you go back the following week, the same collection of items are still hanging on the rack. You quickly notice that nothing has changed. You might even feel “kind of bored” by the same collection. There’s no fast rush from seeing new items or quick “good deal.”  

Because you’ve become so accustom to the endless, weekly promotional shopping cycle it’s now become the new norm. But here’s the thing... it’s not normal to release or buy new clothes every week. Heck, it’s not normal to release or buy new clothes every month. And it’s definitely not normal to always feel like you’re “getting a good deal.”

This hasn’t always been the case. In fact, it’s drastically changed over the last 5-10 years.

Did you know that in 1930 the average woman had just 36 items of clothing in her closet? Today, that number has exponentially grown to 120! The fashion industry has slowly shaped the way we think about our closets and helped us form opinions about our own personal style. 

Cladwell is here to help you slow it down, breathe, and address the unhealthy, emotional relationship with your clothes. 

Creating a capsule gives you a new heightened sense of awareness to break free from the impulse buys. Making the unconscious, conscious teaches you that when you shop, to shop intentionally so that you are in control of your wardrobe not the other way around.

Last but not least, it gives you a new found perspective that freedom, meaning and joy come from knowing you’re already enough--not from buying more clothes or more stuff.

• • •

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