Cladwell's Clothing Philosophy

Some people start companies with a really clear vision and mission, and then execute it flawlessly.

That is not our story. 

When we started Cladwell we just wanted to make a cool startup so we could get rich and people would like us. But over time, we stumbled our way into some convictions about a better way of relating to clothing.

We’re still on a journey to execute it, but here is our clothing philosophy:


We believe that all humans should wear clothes that are ethical, authentic, and quality (over quantity.)



We start at ethics, because one-hundred years from now, very few people will remember our style. However, people will remember (or even feel the impact of) whether we improved the earth or enslaved other humans. We believe that dressing sustainably and 100% sweatshop free is more important than personal expression.  That is why it is our conviction that every item of clothing that we buy or recommend is sustainable and sweatshop free. Sometimes you can’t find an item that is ethical. In that instance we believe the best option is to buy second-hand. If that doesn’t work, we think it is better to go without that item. We will be remembered by what we did for others, not what we look like.



Every human is unique, and our clothes should communicate that inherent uniqueness to the world. Our clothes can communicate our values, tribe, and personality to others. We think the most beautiful world is one where people don’t just blindly follow the hottest trend, but instead look inside themselves and curate their wardrobe to match their unique build, coloring, surroundings, and preferences. Much our society has lost this skill (as a result of the industrialized fashion system) - so it is our job to build tools and content to help us reclaim this distinctly human form of expression.


QUALITY (over quantity)

We believe it is better to have a handful of quality items than a closet full of cheap garments. Why? Because it saves money in the long run, and is more satisfying. Buying quality saves money because they last longer. Historically, clothes lasted years. It is only in recent history that clothes have been “consumerized” into being more disposable. From a cost-per-wear perspective, it is always better to buy quality. Buying a handful of quality items is also more satisfying. Great clothes are a daily reminder of our inherent value. The truth is that you and I are worth more than a $4 disposable t-shirt. We are worthy of being covered in garments of value. When you buy less quantity, you buy only what you love - and this feels significantly better. 

*Note: When we say “quality” we’re not saying name brand or designer clothing. Quality clothing is built with care - focusing on beauty and durability.


Our challenge to you is this: try it out.

Most of us live our lives reactively filtering clothes as they’re hurled at us from marketers. There is a better way that is deeply fulfilling, far more beautiful - and honestly - the right thing to do.

• • •

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